Learn To…

The Nunavut Parks and Special Places ‘Learn To’ program was created to encourage Canadians to spend more time outdoors.

We offer workshops and activities as a way of connecting people with nature, Inuit culture and heritage as they learn essential knowledge and skills.

It also builds a sense of pride and connection to the culture and history of the land. The sessions are delivered in person and are mostly hands on. Traditional skills are facilitated by local experts, Elders, and summer students.

Nunavut Parks aims to provide a culturally authentic and relevant experience with sessions such as:

  • Learn To Make a Kakivak
  • Learn About Inuit Games,
  • Learn To Make Pitsi,
  • Learn About Archaeology,
  • Learn To Light a Qulliq (a traditional stone lamp)
  • Learn About Allupajaaq (traditional customs followed when feasting on seal.)

Learn To Schedules

Celebrate Parks Day!

Throughout Canada, citizens come together to honour their federal, provincial, and territorial parks on Parks Day. Indeed, Nunavut’s parks are filled with nature’s wonder, beauty, and spectacular scenery. Nunavut Parks and Special Places invites you to join us!

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