Tamaarvik Territorial Park


Tamaarvik Territorial Park (campground) plays a role in supporting tourism development in the growing community of Pond Inlet including the newly established Sirmilik National Park, one of the major tourist attractions in the Eastern Arctic. Visitors will see colourful wildflowers and examples of land patterned by permafrost along the coastal escarpment. Hiking opportunities are plentiful in Pond Inlet. Experienced backpackers can trek to the glaciers and mountains southeast of Pond Inlet in two to five days. Hikers can also cross Janes Creek (it is often impassable in July) and climb a trail up to the top of the 765-metre Mount Herodier, 15 kilometres east of town for a breathtaking view of the area.

Getting There

No roads lead to Nunavut; our Territory is accessible only by air and sea.

First Air and Canadian North both fly regular daily schedules to Iqaluit from four main southern airline ‘hubs’: Ottawa, Montreal, and Edmonton (via Yellowknife and Rankin Inlet). Flights from Winnipeg (via Churchill and Rankin Inlet) are also available.

There are several ways to get to Pond Inlet. First Air operates flights from Iqaluit to Resolute Bay regularly through the week. During summer months, a second flight may also be available. Please check with the airline for schedules and schedule changes.

Tupirvik Territorial Park is only minutes from Resolute Bay Airport.

Where To Stay

If you do not wish to camp while in Pond Inlet, there are three hotel options.

Sauniq Hotel
Email Sauniq
Tel: 867-899-6500

Black Point Lodge Hotel
Email Black Point Lodge
Tel: 867-899-8555
Mon-Sat 1-6 PM EST


Mittimatalik HTO
Tel: 867-899-8856

Tagak Outfitting Services
Tel: 867-899-8932

Tununiq Travel and Adventure
Tel: 867-899-8194

Black Feather
Email Black Feather
Toll Free: 1-888-849-7668

Polar Sea Adventures
Email Polar Sea
Tel: 613-237-6401

Travel Information

Known as Mittimatalik “place where Mittima is buried”; the identity of Mittima is a mystery

Nattinak Visitor’s Centre
Tel: 867-899-8225

Hamlet of Pond Inlet
Email Hamlet of Pond Inlet
Tel: 867-899-8934
Fax: 867-899-8940