Taqaiqsirvik Territorial Park




Taqaiqsirvik Territorial Park (Campground) provides a great place to camp after hiking Katannilik Territorial Park or canoeing the Soper Heritage River. Stay at the campground to visit the sites in and around the community including the Katannilik Park Visitor centre, the Soper House Gallery, or participate in a community feast.

Taqaiqsirvik Territorial Park has been newly developed and includes outhouse facilities, tent pads and fire pits.

Getting There

No roads lead to Nunavut; our Territory is accessible only by air and sea.

First Air and Canadian North both fly regular daily schedules to Iqaluit from four main southern airline ‘hubs’: Ottawa, Montreal, and Edmonton (via Yellowknife and Rankin Inlet). Flights from Winnipeg (via Churchill and Rankin Inlet) are also available.

There are several ways to get to Taqaiqsirvik Park from Iqaluit. The simplest is to take a scheduled flight with First Air or Kenn Borek Air to Kimmirut, which both fly regular schedules during the week throughout the year. It is always best to confirm these flight schedules before arrival. Those travelling in larger groups may want to consider chartering a plane to Kimmirut.

Taqaiqsirvik Territorial Park is only minutes from Kimmirut, and from there you can hike into the Soper Valley around Soper Lake. Boats can also be hired in Kimmirut to cross Soper Lake to Soper Falls at the south end of the Soper Heritage River valley. Contact the Katannilik Park Visitor Centre in Kimmirut to coordinate these services.

Where To Stay

If you do not wish to camp, there is one hotel in Kimmirut, and the Kimmirut Hunters and Trappers Association can help you arrange accommodations at a local ‘home-stay’. A new campsite at the edge of the community comes equipped with picnic tables, firepit and washrooms.

Kimik Hotel – Inns North
Tel: 867-939-2093

Mayukalik Hunters and Trappers Association
Tel: 867-939-2355


Outfitted trips from Iqaluit offer package tours of Katannilik Park that fly visitors into the park, by boat across Frobisher Bay from Iqaluit to the Itijjagiaq trailhead for hiking southwest to the Soper River Valley and eventually Kimmirut. Local outfitters will also transport visitors to Kimmirut by dogsled in winter and spring. Outfitted trips should be booked well in advance – it’s often not possible to book outfitters by the day. Contact the Katannilik Park Visitor Centre in Kimmirut or the Unikkaarvik Visitor Centre in Iqaluit to find out what might be available. You can also find out more about visiting Katannilik Territorial Park by visiting its page on this website.

Mayukalik Hunters and Trappers Association
Tel: 867-939-2355

Arts & Crafts

Visit the Soper House Gallery in Kimmirut to see vibrant arts and crafts from the community, or watch local carving and printmaking at the gallery or throughout the hamlet.

Soper House Gallery
Tel: 867-939-2168

Travel Information

The Katannilik Park Visitor’s Centre is located in the restored Dewey Soper House and provides interpretation for Katannilik Territorial Park, the Soper Heritage River, and the history of whaling in and around Kimmirut. Staff at the centre will also register you in and out of the park (mandatory), and set up home-stays.

Katannilik Park Visitors Centre
Email Katannilik Park Staff
Tel: 867-939-2416
Fax: 867-939-2406